Rex Zou is a Chinese born architect, visualizer and professional architectural photographer who finds huge of creativity, new materials and ideas. He was graduated from the School of Architecture, Univ. of California Berkeley. He had worked for development design of architecture in top-class architectural firm since 2010. He had the different sight for beauty and detail in architecture.

Since 2016, he was starting to shoot architectures, spaces, and designs. He has been collaborated with several architectural firms, property developers and design studios. His work was reprinted in Archdaily and other social medias.

In 2020, Aaron Shao and Rex Zou has created a new brand – aaron&rex architectural photography, which is focused on commercial architectural photography, supertall skyscrapers, inspiration space and hospitality. If you need more information,  please email me at to discuss.

Phone: +86 130 2327 7910
Or, contact me on Instagram: @rexzou