CITIC Tower and Suzhou IFS were honored in the Best Tall Building track, for projects 400 meters tall and above. Located at the core of Beijing’s new 30-hectare central business district, CITIC Tower is the tallest building and a new icon of the capital. Suzhou IFS is a landmark on the city’s skyline that incorporates a mix of programs.

One Excellence Tower 1, Shenzhen. Interior Design – Award of Excellence Winner . One Excellence development in Shenzhen sets a global precedent for future mixed use, high-density urbanism – with social and green space at its heart, with the tower 1 as the iconic landmark tower.

Huge thanks for supporting from KPF and Farrells, appriciated to be involved in these great projects via my shooting.

What is CTBUH? (source from

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is the world’s leading nonprofit organization for all those interested in the future of cities. It explores how increased urban density and vertical growth can support more sustainable and healthy cities, especially in the face of mass urbanization and the increasing effects of climate change worldwide. The relationship between policy, buildings, people, urban density, urban space, interior space, and infrastructure is key.

Founded in the USA in 1969, the CTBUH member network embraces more than a million professionals working in all building industry sectors in almost all countries of the world: investors, owner-developers, occupier-tenants, government agencies, urban planners, architects, engineers, contractors, infrastructure experts, cost consultants, building managers, legal firms, material-system suppliers, academics, and many more. With offices in Chicago, Shanghai and Venice, the Council runs hundreds of multidisciplinary programs across the world each year, through its regional chapters and expert committees; its annual conferences and global awards program; through funded research projects and academic collaborations; and via its extensive online resources and physical outputs. Its website provides members the tools to exploit detailed data, images, and technical information on more than 30,000 tall buildings – as well as the cities they inhabit – the world over.

The Council is perhaps best-known to the public as the arbiter of tall building height and the global authority that bestows titles such as “The World’s Tallest Building”. By extension, its “Buildings of Distinction” program recognizes the achievements of important projects through the installation of public signboards and plaques. Operating on a global scale, the CTBUH serves as a platform for both cutting-edge information-share and business networking for all companies and professionals focused on the inception, design, construction, and operation of cities, and the buildings they comprise. Join us today, and help advance our mission towards a greater Sustainable Vertical Urbanism…

Who is KPF? (source from

KPF is a unified architectural practice focused on the design of buildings of all types and scales, in all geographic regions. Our projects include the world’s tallest towers, longest spans, most varied programs and inventive forms. The goal that binds our work – and what motivates our efforts – is finding the smartest solution for each project. We believe that the best design is the product of an open-minded search, one without preconceptions or stylistic formulae.

Who is Farrells? (source from

In practice for over 50 years in the UK and over 25 in China, our history feeds into our present.  Much of Farrells earliest work in London aimed to enhance the existing urban fabric – a maverick approach at a time when wholesale demolition and redevelopment was in vogue. Our work has reflected a wide range of styles, but has been united by careful research into the context and history of a given place. Our portfolio of characterful architecture reflects context at all scales, from the “big picture” through to interiors.