About Rex Zou

Rex Zou, a professional architectural photographer from Shanghai, has used his unique and subtle lens language to add an air of grandeur and substance to many of China’s completed commercial projects. With a background in architecture and design spanning nearly 15 years, he brings the beauty of architecture and structure to life in his photographs by blending architectural interpretation with the glamour of renderings.

Named by the LoopDesignAwards as one of the 100 most inspiring architecture photographers in the world, he has worked with architectural offices around the world and on projects throughout China. Over the past few years, he has worked with the world-renowned architectural firm KPF, commissioning photographs of China’s tallest buildings, including Beijing’s tallest building, CITIC Tower, and Suzhou’s tallest building, IFS Suzhou, for which he was selected as the entry photographer; The CTBUH 2021 Award for Best Tall Building 400m and above.

As a Shanghai-born photographer, Rex has continued to follow major regional projects in Shanghai and has photographed the Qiantan and Dongjiadu areas in great depth, aiming to preserve the history of the pre-renewal period and present the innovation of the post-reconstruction period to the world.


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