Every architectural photographer harbors a fascination for buildings, whether modern or ancient. Each structure created holds its own inherent value. Architectural photographers encompass capturing various aspects of buildings. They may be influenced by their preferences, sometimes excessively amplifying the works of architects they admire, which is both intuitive and natural. I, too, have my preferences when it comes to architects. Having spent a considerable amount of time exploring commercial architecture, I have gained a deeper understanding of capturing commercial buildings. I am fond of visionary architects, but I am particularly drawn to buildings that appear traditional on the surface yet possess a visionary essence at a deeper level. Therefore, the following is my tribute to these architectural masters. I endeavor to capture their buildings as extensively as possible, ensuring that these images endure.

Episode of Master

Everyone has architects they admire, whose architectural designs are spread across the globe. As architectural photographers, being able to capture, organize, and share their work is a tribute to these architectural masters.